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Skinlight is all about smooth, radiant skin! But the story behind our product is just as radiant. The idea for Skinlight was born in 2011 and we set to work with great enthusiasm and perseverance. We looked for the right manufacturer abroad, but it seemed as if we were at a dead end. Just when we had almost given up, we found a great party here in the Netherlands.

After that we worked hard on developing our product and with success! The Skinlight cream is entirely from Dutch soil and we are very proud of what we have achieved. Over the years, we have continuously improved the formula to keep innovating and to comply with the strict rules and laws of the Netherlands and Europe.

We have now provided thousands of customers with our cream and their radiant results and positive feedback are our greatest reward. We are proud of our product and look forward to what the future will bring us. At Skinlight, we strive to make our customers shine, both inside and out!

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